About EmsanaRx

The EmsanaRx team has worked in the pharmacy benefit business for more than 25 years and we know there’s a better way.

We’ve served and listened to scores of employers across all industries and in every part of the country. EmsanaRx is built on what we learned. Our programs combine the highest quality clinical care with low costs. Employers now have control of their data and the support they need to maximize the value of the benefit they provide. We make pricing completely straightforward and transparent.

EmsanaRx is a nimble company in a large industry and we are determined to do what’s right for employers and the millions of people who work for them. They deserve the best clinical care at the lowest cost. We are here to deliver that.

At EmsanaRx, we’re committed to being an ethical, progressive force in health care. We make good on our commitment in three ways:

  • The way we bill. We take a straightforward fee for designing, building, and operating your benefit program. We do not generate any profit off the cost of drugs, don’t have any additional mark ups and we don’t own any distribution channels—eliminating all conflicts.
  • The way we behave. Our programs are developed by employers, for employers. We operate in a way that never creates a conflict of interest with our clients.
  • The way we invest. We’re part of Emsana Health and majority owned by PBGH. Our returns are reinvested back into our business.

We’re proud to be part of Emsana Health, an independent company dedicated to developing health care solutions that meet the unique needs of large employers and their employees. Emsana Health was launched by The Purchaser Business Group on Health (PBGH), a non-profit coalition of nearly 40 large private employers and public health care purchasers who are responsible for the health care of 15 million employees and dependents, and committed to transforming health care nationwide.


Greg Baker

Founding Board Member and CEO

Steve Michurski

Founder and COO


Elizabeth Mitchell

President and CEO of the Purchaser Business Group on Health, Founding Board Chair

Greg Baker

Founding Board Member and CEO

William Dinger

Founding Board Member

Our Promise

The highest clinical quality for your employees and their families

More predictable and completely transparent costs to you

You’re in control at all times, we’re always there to support you

We’re always learning and evolving, always looking for new ways to serve you

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